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PhinneyWood Forum clear of spam, previously-registered users can post

We’d like to thank PhinneyWood readers for their patience while our Forum underwent a massive cleanup of spam recently. It took our administrators many, many hours to clear tens of thousands of spam users who had registered on our system. They also upgraded our spam filter, which is now catching most of the spam (although a few seem to be getting through each day).

We’ve also changed our Forum registration from an open system, where anyone can register and post immediately. For now, the Forum is closed to new registrations. Soon, we’ll open it back up, but all registrations will need to be approved by us, before you can post. That will help weed out spammers.

So, if you’re already registered as a PhinneyWood Forum user, then you can post now. If you’re not yet registered, you’ll have to wait a while longer until we’re sure we’ve got the spam problem under control.

Again, thanks for your patience.