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Package theft – with a twist

Kate tells us that the contents of a package were stolen from her front porch in Greenwood yesterday:

Just wanted to alert neighbors to some unChristmas-like activity in the neighborhood. I live a block off of Greenwood on 83rd Street, and I came home today to find a package that I was expecting on my front porch. Once I took the package inside, I quickly realized that it had been cut open, and the contents had been removed. Some time between 9am and 3pm, someone entered the fenced yard, opened the package, and made of with my Christmas gift from my mother.
This isn’t the first incident of the sort that I have heard about. Be sure to keep an eye out for your neighbors- especially those of us that are at work during the day.

Has anyone else had a similar experience where the package was cut open and the contents removed, but the package left behind?