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Smash-and-grab theft right in front of Fresh Flours coffeeshop

Susan tells us someone smashed the window on her car, which was parked at the corner of North 61st Street and Greenwood Avenue North, next to Fresh Flours coffeeshop, in the afternoon when it was still light out.

My son and I went to Fresh Flours Coffeeshop after I picked him up from school. We were inside for about 20 minutes and when we returned to our car parked on the corner of 61st St and Greenwood Ave, the passenger front window had been smashed. My son’s backpack was stolen and its contents which was a lunchbox, a jacket, gloves and his notebook. The thief got nothing of value since he stole a kindergartener’s backpack but caused a great deal of heartache for a 5 year old who struggled to understand why this happened to him. The cost of repair for my window is $500 but the lesson for my son (that there are bad people in his neighborhood) is way more costly. I hope you catch this jerk! At the least, folks in the neighborhood should not leave anything in the front seat and be extra aware.