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Thief cuts down 10-foot tree in front of Phinney home

Elizabeth and John tell us that someone cut down one of their front yard trees sometime during the night.

Today, December 12, we walked outside our home and discovered that our highly prized, beautiful and unique Mt Hood hemlock has been cut down and removed, probably for someone’s Christmas tree.

We live just off Greenwood Ave N and planted the tree some 10 years ago where it grew to over 10 feet high while still retaining a snow shedding width of probably not more than a few feet. It was planted just back from our retaining wall next to the sidewalk and was apparently within easy reach for someone standing on the sidewalk below with a saw to cut it down.

Despite being at home during the hours of darkness when this happened and having our bedroom almost directly above, we did not hear anything to alarm us.

This is, therefore, a heads up that, besides those types who will steal your Christmas packages off your porch, there are even crueler more heartless “people” (I use the term “people” loosely) who will cut down and steal a tree off your property; one that you have loved, nourished, and treasured for many years to help celebrate their twisted idea of the Christmas/Hanukah/Holiday season.

Any tips on the criminals involved in this will be appreciated.

Here’s what the tree looked like.