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Reality chef Gordon Ramsay filming “Kitchen Nightmares” at Yanni’s in Phinney Ridge next week

Chef and reality TV star Gordon Ramsay will be in our neighborhood filming an episode of Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares” from Nov. 29 – Dec. 2 at Yanni’s Greek Restaurant.

This is the fourth season of the show, where Chef Ramsay tries to help a fledgling restaurant turn around and be more successful.

Producer Joe Di Lauro contacted us to say they’re looking for people to dine at Yanni’s during filming. To make reservations to eat during filming, diners need to email the producers at [email protected] Reservations can’t be made through Yanni’s.

Dinner patrons need to be at least 18 years old, and are responsible for paying for their own meals and drinks.

From the show’s website:

Each week, Chef Ramsay will visit a new establishment with myriad problems. He will delve deep into the inner workings of each eatery and explore everything from unsanitary refrigerators to lazy and inexperienced staff to diagnose the real problems. Whether he changes the restaurant’s operations, updates the menu or gives the establishment a complete makeover, Chef Ramsay will do whatever it takes to try and turn these restaurants into popular, successful and, most importantly, money-making businesses. It’s up to the restaurant owners to take his advice and use it, or face closure.

For many, Ramsay is their last chance to help turn around their businesses or else they’ll be forced to close their doors forever.