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‘Sylvia’s Spinach’ author visits Greenwood Elementary

Local author Katherine Pryor brought her little red wagon spinach garden to Greenwood Elementary last Friday to encourage children to try new foods. Pryor also read from her new book, “Sylvia’s Spinach,” to the students, then took them outside to plant spinach seeds in their school garden.

(Photo courtesy Greenwood Elementary)

The author encouraged students to try new food and give it a second, third or fourth try even if you don’t like it for the first time.
Earlier this month, the school had another local author, Rick Swann of “Our School Garden,” to read his book as part of the launch of the garden.
Sylvia’s Spinach is based on a true story in a school in Washington and about kids’ eating (or not eating) spinach and then learning to grow it in school gardens and how that might change kids’ minds.