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Bagley Elementary on School District list of schools needing major repair, remodel

Seattle Public Schools plans to ask voters for $700 million in levy money to replace, repair or build new schools all over the district. One of the schools on the list is Daniel Bagley Elementary at North 80th Street and Stone Avenue North (just across Aurora Avenue North). Bagley’s attendance area includes the east side of Phinney Ridge and Greenwood.

The initial list of projects shows Bagley being remodeled in 2020. The Seattle School Board will approve the final list at its November meeting. Bagley parent Erin Reid is asking people to tell the school board to keep Bagley on the list.

Bagley is a beautiful, Art Deco building that has been neglected by the district. We have been on the list for renovations multiple times, and are now fighting to get on the latest levy proposal. Building conditions at our school are pretty bad. Ceiling tiles fall on students and staff, not all water at Bagley is safe to drink, there are roof leaks into classrooms and carpenter ant infestations. In addition, we have 410 students (very, very crowded) and one set of bathrooms on the first floor for the entire school. There are no handwashing facilities on the second floor. The community, in partnership with the city, recently resurfaced the asphalt in the play area so that kids would stop losing their teeth on the slippery asphalt. Due to the overcrowding, the time for classes such as Health and Fitness have been reduced well below district standards. Academically we are a strong school, but our building is ranked 3rd lowest in the district for educational adequacy.

We are asking people to voice their support of Daniel Bagley by writing the School Board and Superintendent. Bagley needs to be included in the next levy proposal and we need our neighbors help. Letting Bagley deteriorate is bad for Phinney, Greenwood, and the Aurora Corridor.

You can find the names and contact info for all school board members on the website.