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Northwest District Council meets Wednesday to discuss neighborhood trees, solar energy

The Northwest District Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Grenwood Senior Center, 525 N. 85th St. On the agenda:

  • Trees for Neighborhoods, Kim Frappier, Releaf Seattle Program: This program will provide free trees to Seattle residents along with watering bags, tree care and planting training, a compost coupon and ongoing tree care support.
  • Solarize NW Seattle, Bill Thorness: This initiative organized by residents in NW Seattle is preparing a bid to have the nonprofit Northwest SEED bring their Solarize program to our neighborhoods. Adding solar now is advantageous because of various tax credits and production incentives. Solarize has already worked in Queen Anne, Magnolia and Northeast Seattle; organizing educational meetings on adding solar to your home and facilitating group purchasing to get the best prices from contractors.
  • Appointment of community sounding board – planning & implementation of Rapid Ride E Line
  • Safe Communities initiative

For more information, contact Northwest District Council staff Rob Mattson at [email protected] or 206-684-4051, or NWDC Chair Rick Klingele at [email protected].