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Zak and Zoe closing retail store, will focus on online sales and delivery service

Zak and Zoe is closing its doggie boutique at 7321 Greenwood Ave. N. to focus exclusively on its online sales and delivery service.
Beginning today, the store is having an inventory reduction sale. Gift and holiday items will be marked from 20-60 percent off, and discounts on select items will go up by 10 percent each week until inventory is gone. (Food, treats and waste bags will not be on sale.)

Our website www.ZakandZoe.com will remain active. People can continue to shop online for the most popular delivery items and receive free delivery. We are offering 10% off from now through December 31st 2012 for new and current customers.
Get the discount by using coupon code: 2012sale on our website www.ZakandZoe.com
by signing up for regular free deliveries at Zak and Zoe 7321 Greenwood Ave N or by calling 206-706-2847.
Our in store reward members: will continue to earn points until they reach their current reward during the month of August. The rewards program will end September 1st. If they are close (within $25) we will give them a credit for an online or delivery purchase after Sept.1st.