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Dann’s 50¢ Books opens in Greenwood

A new thrift book store has quietly opened in the heart of Greenwood, at 8536 Greenwood Ave. N., where Balderdash Books was until it closed in May.
Co-owner Trudy Mercer tells us Dann’s 50¢ Books is having its “soft” opening as they are still getting organized, and she and her husband, Dann, plan to have a grand opening later.

We plan for the majority of the books, at least 80%, to be fifty cents. They will be complemented by a selection of books priced slightly higher. Dann views the bookstore as a “book recycling center,” thus the concept of Greenworld Book Recycling. Dann’s 50¢ Books does not buy books as most traditional used bookstores do. We accept donations of unwanted books. By keeping books and transactions as simple and inexpensive as possible, we will keep the stock constantly replenished, keep the books in circulation, and keep the prices low.