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Taproot extends run of ‘Chaps!’ through Aug. 18

Taproot Theatre is extending the run of its British-American cowboy comedy mash-up “Chaps!” by one week, through Aug. 18.

Caitlin Macy-Beckwith, Simon Pringle, and Ian Lindsay. Photo by Erik Stuhaug, Taproot Theatre.

Ever wonder what would happen if Monty Python met Roy Rogers? It’s 1944 and America’s favorite singing cowboys are saddled up to take the British airwaves by storm. There’s just one problem: the crooners are no-shows. What’s the BBC to do? These blokes must convince the whole of England that they’re a band of guitar pickin’ American singing cowboys. Pull on your boots, loosen your tie, and get ready for a summer musical that’ll rope you in and leave you in stitches. As The Seattle Times explained, “… you’ll find yourself humming along and laughing as sagebrush and longhorns join forces with a spot of tea and a stiff upper lip.”