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Woodland Park Zoo’s ‘Jungle Party’ raises $1.47 million

Woodland Park Zoo raised $1.47 million from nearly 1,000 attendees at its 36th annual Jungle Party last Friday. And an anonymous donor gave the zoo another $250,000 for its new Asian Tropical Forest exhibit, which will revamp the current 60-year-old exhibit into a more natural home for endangered Malayan tigers, sloth bears and small-clawed otters.

A portion of the funds raised this year will support Jungle Party’s Fund-Our-Future Kids and Care: Share the Wonder initiative. This support will help expand the zoo’s early childhood learning programs through Zoomazium enrichment programs, immersive naturalistic exhibits, new animal additions and community activities that bring young explorers closer to nature. By providing these experiences, the zoo hopes to inspire a desire among youth to protect wildlife and its habitats through future generations.