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2 new medical marijuana collectives opening soon in Greenwood

Two more medical marijuana clinics will be opening soon in Greenwood.

Collective Health, in the former Emma Jean’s Consignment space at 8554-1/2 Greenwood Ave. N., hopes to open by July 15.

Collective Health is still remodeling the former Emma Jean’s Consignment space.

Jeremy, who owns Collective Health with his wife, Jan, emailed us this summary of his business:

Collective Health is a ‘not-for-profit’ practice offering a multi modal approach to health care for the periodically and chronically ill and the terminally ill.

Collective Health is not a substitute for traditional primary medical intervention. It is our intention to provide healthy alternatives for long term illness control and treatment. This includes terminal and chronic patients who over time can easily succumb to the toxic effects of the pharmaceutical drugs they are prescribed as well as poor lifestyle habits.

As a qualified provider of medical grade cannabis, Collective Health emphasizes the body’s natural healing property’s and underscores the importance of a healthy lifestyle, one that emphasizes healthy habits beginning and not limited to personal fitness and nutrition.

Typical patients of Collective Health will present common complaints as in managing the chronic pain of arthritis, nausea associated with cancer treatments, the tremors of seizure disorders and many other complaints related to debilitating diseases.

Also medical marijuana is very useful for mitigating the debilitation of some anxiety and panic disorders such as PTSD.

Without losing site of the traditional marijuana cultural roots Collective Health combines the best available treatment suggestions to meet each patient’s unique and specific needs.

And Herb(n) Care is currently remodeling the former spot of the Greenwood Cleaners, at 8301 Greenwood Ave. N., across from the post office.