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SUV drives through new Kalbi Grill on Greenwood, no injuries

Update: Seattle Fire says the SUV drove through the two front doors, but did not cause any structural damage.

Thanks to the more than a dozen people who sent photos! This one is from Bob Scheu:

And Amy Moses sent us this photo of Tony, who owns Tony’s Greenwood Auto Body next door, and whose wife runs Kalbi, explaining what happened to a TV cameraman:

Our frequent tipster, Lynn Gallob, talked to Tony and his wife right afterwards:

What happened is Tony’s wife and daughter were turning into their parking spot when the engine revved out of control. Tony was standing right there and said he hadn’t heard anything like it. His wife was pumping the brakes, and swerved inside the building just missing the support post. Likely the checkout counter stopped the car.

Earlier: Seattle Fire Department Spokesman Kyle Moore tells us that an SUV has driven into the new Kalbi Grill Express on Greenwood Avenue North at North 82nd Street. Moore says no one was injured.

The crash happened just after 9:30 a.m. Kalbi Grill opened just two weeks ago.