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Greenwood Community Council meets Tuesday to discuss state of the neighborhood, focus for next year

The Greenwood Community Council will meet from 7-8:30 Tuesday at the Greenwood Library, 8016 Greenwood Ave. N. On the agenda is “the state of Greenwood,” as well as what topics the council should focus on over the coming year.

From new GCC President Rob Fellows:

It’s been a difficult time in Greenwood. Hard economic times have put strain on local businesses and social services. Planned developments have been put on hold. Comments on local blogs are sometimes bitter, and the Phinney-Greenwood Chamber has been dissolved. At the same time, there have been some exciting and thriving new businesses, and our streets are being rebuilt. It’s a good time to consider how we’d like to be positioned as a neighborhood as the dust clears and the economy begins hopefully to improve again.

At Tuesday’s meeting we’d like to hear from you about the state of the neighborhood, and how the community council can contribute to a better future. We’d also like to settle on a draft program for the next year.

We brainstormed some topics for next year’s meetings – they included:

  • Fall candidates forum
  • Empty storefronts and economic recovery
  • Transit and transportation
  • Safety, emergency preparedness and block watch
  • Sidewalks update and strategy
  • Greenways
  • Kids’ agenda – what it’s like for kids living in Greenwood
  • The state of social services here

What do you think? Are these the things most worth thinking about? Are there others you’d put higher on your own list? If you have thoughts on the state of the neighborhood or the community council, please stop by on Tuesday and speak your peace.