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Possible magazine solicitation scam in Phinney

Willene tells us she believes she fell for a magazine solicitation scam Saturday evening.

We were just visited by a man and teen selling magazine subscriptions through a company called Urban 1.
They told us the story of trying to train teens to work hard and be responsible rather than just ask for hand-outs. We fell for it. 30 minutes later we had written a check for $105 for Sports Illustrated magazine subscription to be donated to the Veterans hospital.
The teen was going to be given 50% of the funds and Urban 1 was helping her to get her GED. etc. Of course after they left, we started to think about the details, went online, and of course Urban 1 is a known scam.
Thought we should put the word out. It’s very sad….the scam reports said that Urban 1 picks up these teens out of the shelters and actually promises them all kinds of support. The teens are being scammed too. We live near 60th and 2nd Avenue…..so that was the neighborhood they were visiting today.

A quick Internet search turned up a St. Louis-based magazine sales company called Urban 1, along with numerous complaints about the company. Did anyone else see these folks?