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Fred Meyer responds to trash and transients at Greenwood store

We just heard from Melinda Merrill, Fred Meyer’s Director of Public Affairs, about the recent issues with trash and transients in the Greenwood Fred Meyer and former Greenwood Market parking lot.

We’ve cleaned it up and will keep an eye on it and do our best to keep it clean. We have two full time lot guards who will patrol the Greenwood store and the Greenwood market every hour. We also have three managers – the Greenwood Loss Prevention manager, the regional Loss Prevention manager and the Greenwood store director – who have each committed to check on the lot each day. And, even though the General Contractor has not yet been able to take control of the site due to the appeals process, we have asked them to put their fence up around the lot now – we hope that will go up next week sometime.
The hearings officer has until May 10 to issue her decision. So, we are hopeful that by May 10 we will be able to begin construction.
If neighbors see a problem that we don’t appear to be responding to, they may email me at [email protected] or Brian Steen at [email protected]

Update from Merrill:

I just found out we won’t be able to get a fence. Since we are not under contract with the General Contractor (won’t be until we can get our permits) he can’t put the fence up because of liability (a kid gets hurt trying to climb it, etc.). But if we get good news on the 10th, we can have it up the next day.