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Greenwood home burglarized during the day

A Greenwood homeowner had their house burglarized on Tuesday. It happened on North 82nd Street, west of Aurora Avenue North.

I was gone for most of the day and evening so it could have happened at almost any time, but it was possibly during daylight hours when most of the neighborhood is gone for the day. They came in through a very small bathroom window and ransacked the back bedrooms which are not visible from the street. In the front rooms (living room and kitchen) they hardly touched a thing but did take the TV and some liquor. They wore gloves and left no prints. They stole a significant amount jewelry, art, and gem stones. They made quick work, taking what they could carry easily and quickly, and left quite a mess. A neighbor 2 houses down reported someone loitering/peering/lingering in their backyard a few days ago had put out cigarettes on their deck. They were home at the time but didn’t realize it had happened until later.
Please be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood; not just your own house. You might notice something suspicious that others do not.