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Climate change discussion — “Saving the Earth or Enslaving the Earth?” – on April 18

Whether you believe in climate change or not, an interesting discussion on the topic is coming up next Wednesday, April 18, with panelists from both sides of the debate.
“Climate Change & Sustainable Development: ‘Saving the Earth or Enslaving the Earth?'” will bring together two people from each side, alternating with five-minute presentations, followed by small-group discussions. It is sponsored by the Transpartisan Alliance.
The event begins at 6 p.m. with a potluck in the basement of St. Thomas Catholic Church, at the corner of NW 65th Street and 2nd Avenue NW.

Join this lively discussion that will include a range of perspectives – from those who feel the urgency of climate change as a #1 priority fundamental to the survival of humanity and civilization to those who believe there is no basis for it and suspect responses serve as a trojan horse that enables policy making for other purposes such as expanding power and/or profit. Bring your perspective and join with others in seeking wise actions.
Duo For Sustainable Development:
Brock Howell, Program Director-Fuse Washington, a broader-spectrum environmental organization that tends to see the interlinking of environmental, political and social justice issues. We look forward to meeting Brock, and welcome him and Fuse-Washington to what will likely be a lively discussion!
David Wright-Urban Planner, BCR Associates and Co-Founder, Sustainable Ballard. David is one of the most magnanimous, effective whole systems-type environmental activists in the Seattle area, as you will see when you see him in action!
Duo Against Sustainable Development:
J. William (Bill) Campbell-Member of Campaign for Liberty and independent environmental/ conspiracy researcher with a multifaceted science background. Bill generously offered his services after he saw our message asking for panel volunteers on a C4L e-list on which he is a member.
Scott Shock-Seattle-Area Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty; Organizer-Ron Paul Campaign-King County, prominent Washington State property rights advocate, managing environmental engineering consultant for Exponent Inc., and a highly skilled leader in general.
The opening panel will be followed by clarifying questions and an hour of small-group discussions. The final hour will consist of the larger group reconvening for brief reports from the small groups, followed by group discussion of these reports, the panel presentations and their larger implications, and a final brief personal check-out, with the option of continuing the discussion/networking until 9:30/10 PM.

For more information, contact Rebecca Em Campbell at [email protected] or (206) 926-3962.