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3 bikes stolen out of garage

We’re hearing from a lot of people these days about stolen bikes. Robin tells us someone stole three bikes out of their condo’s secured garage near the zoo last weekend.

They also made out with my Helmets and some Downhill mountain biking armor. Below are some basic descriptions of the bikes and a few unique parts they had on them. I am willing to give a $100 or more reward, to anyone who can lead me to the bike thieves. I have reported the incident with the Seattle Police.
07 Transition Gran Mal Black with blacked out 888 and a flat crowns, white dirty 30’s, kona wah wah’s, ODI Rogue Grips, Function flat Crown with integrated steam. I hae not seen many Function flat crowns around so this will be a give-a-way.
07 Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho Blue stock with silver super T’s, Golden Sunline v one bars, ODI Rogue Grips, gold RaceFace front ring.
05 Scattante R650 Silver stock.