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Movie filming in Greenwood on Saturday

A movie featuring some well-known Hollywood stars will be filming in our neighborhood this weekend. Greenwood residents on North 96th Street tell us they’ve received notice of filming for “Matt’s Chance” in the 900 block on Saturday. Residents have been told not to park on the street that day.
“Matt’s Chance” features Edward Furlong, Lee Majors, Gary Busey and Margot Kidder. The movie will also be filming at Green Lake on March 30.
Here’s the synopsis of the dark comedy from the website:

Matt, a dark and brooding mid 20s cowboy, has just witnessed the ultimate betrayal. After walking in on his girlfriend sleeping with another man, and learning that she pawned her engagement ring, Matt begins spiraling downward into a quest for revenge that pits him face to face with the mafia, corrupt bankers, a trash talking priest, and even God himself.

If anyone can take pictures of the filming on Saturday – without getting in the way, of course – we’d love to post them!