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Empty Sea Studios launches live webcasts of some concerts

Empty Sea Studios, an acoustic music venue in an old Craftsman house in Phinney Ridge, is launching live streaming webcasts of some concerts, for a fee.
Empty Sea Television charges $4.99 per concert, or $8.99 for a monthly subscription for “all you can watch.”
They’ll use three broadcast-grade HD video cameras, and a dedicated audio engineer will be mixing exclusively for the web audience. There’s even video-on-demand for watching previously recorded concerts. Performers will receive 50 percent of the live webcast profits.
Empty Sea Studios opened three years ago and has quickly made itself a popular acoustic music venue, with national touring acts such as Coyote Grace and Amy Ray of Indigo Girls performing. (Ray’s performance last November with Lindsay Fuller and Jeff Fielder was Empty Sea’s first webcast concert, and Ray decided to release two of the tracks from that concert as iTunes bonus tracks on her new album, “Lungs of Love.”)
Empty Sea Television’s first webcast concerts are Jes Raymond and Connor Garvey on Saturday, and Brittany Haas and Lauren Rioux on Saturday, March 17.