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Pluto Day to celebrate dwarf planet

826 Seattle and the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. are once again hosting their annual “Pluto Day” event, where they celebrate the dwarf planet and lament its demotion from full planet status.
In 2006, the International Astronomical Union reclassified Pluto as a “dwarf planet,” despite vigorous opposition by Pluto lovers in Greenwood.
Pluto Day starts at 12 p.m. Saturday at the space store at 8414 Greenwood Ave. N. A sign-making workshop will be followed by a march beginning at 1 p.m. Marchers will travel north on Greenwood Avenue North sidewalks, cross at North 87th Street, then head back 2-1/2 blocks to rally in front of Neptune Coffee at 8415 Greenwood Ave. N.
Keynote speakers include Alan Boyle, journalist and MSNBC.com science editor, who will give arguments for and against Pluto’s reclassification as a dwarf planet.
The first “Pluto IS a Planet” protest was on March 15, 2008. You can see YouTube video of that first protest. Last year’s Pluto Day march and rally drew more than 30 “protesters.”