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Two neighborhood state reps retiring, Phinney Ridge resident announces candidacy

State Reps. Mary Lou Dickerson of the 36th District and Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney in the 46th District have announced their retirements. Both districts cover portions of Phinney Ridge and Greenwood. Phinney Ridge resident Nick Cail has announced he will run for Dickerson’s position in the 36th District.
“This election year more than any in recent history, our Seattle delegation needs strong champions for ensuring our local, small businesses thrive; preparing our kids to compete in a global economy; and renewing our commitment to our four-year universities and community colleges,” Cail said in a press release.
“My campaign will not be about our economic struggles of the last several years, but instead focus on our state’s great capacity to invest in our small businesses and public schools over the next several decades. Now is the time to decide what we want Washington state high schools and colleges to look like when today’s kindergardeners are ready to enroll in them.”