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Red Honda Civic stolen from Greenwood

Kate says her red 1992 Honda Civic CX hatchback was stolen from North 86th Street between Dayton and Evanston avenues sometime overnight. She had a club on the steering wheel and she didn’t find any broken glass in the street. The license plate is 481 XVD.

Since the police and many others have told me that lots of cars are driven around and then left in a neighborhood where they will not be discovered immediately, I am hoping you can help me keep an eye out for her. Think of it as a treasure hunt. My undying gratitude for her safe return.
Identifying features: After a previous theft, I put an Obama ’08 bumper stick on the back drivers side of the hatch to make her easier to identify in case I ever had to go out looking for her again. Also half scraped off CT emissions sticker in the front windshield and Sierra Club sticker in the back window. Last seen wearing blue Mardi Gras beads on the rear view mirror.

If you have any information or see the car by the side of the road, please leave a note in comments, or email Kate. If you see someone driving it around, call 911 and report a stolen vehicle.