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Greenwood Market getting ready to say goodbye

Greenwood Market is in its last week of business at the corner of NW 85th Street and 3rd Avenue NW, before closing to make way for an expanded Fred Meyer.

I stopped by this afternoon to talk with Store Director Patty Nolan. She wanted customers to know that while everything is on clearance, currently priced from 10-50 percent off the lowest marked price, the store still has plenty of inventory.

Greenwood Market is still receiving shipments of bread.
While there are empty shelves, the store is still receiving dairy and bread shipments, and they’ve got a ton of canned pumpkin, plenty of juices, cooking oil and spices. The produce aisle is still fairly well stocked, too.
“We were joking that it looks like Thanksgiving,” Nolan said of the canned pumpkin display. “And we have lots of Gefilte Fish!”

Some shelves are empty, but Greenwood Market still has a lot of juice and crackers.
Nolan said Greenwood Market plans to hold a low-key open house for its regular customers from 5-7 p.m. Friday, as a way to say thank you to its loyal customers.
Greenwood Market’s last day will be Saturday.