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Dog found near Aurora & 85th

Update: According to two comments below, Judd’s owner has been found.
Earlier: Lara tells us she found a medium-sized dog, likely a Beagle mix, near Aurora Avenue North and North 85th Street on Thursday night. The male dog did not have a collar.

Stopped at the Jack and the Box parking lot at 10:45pm and he jumped into my car. Several other people, along with me, were very concerned he would be hit by a car on Aurora. Nobody claimed him, so I brought him home with me. He was wet and scared with long nails, but otherwise looks healthy. He is likely a Beagle mix. He can sit and is friendly with dogs and people. Lots of energy. Likely 40ish lbs. Brown and white color (Fawn). Long tail with curled end.
If he is yours, or you know who he might belong to, please call 206-799-8309. We hope to bring him to the vet tomorrow morning to see if he is microchipped.

Lara just told us this that the dog did not have a microchip.