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Phinney-Greenwood’s popular Gumshoe scavenger hunt could expand to Ballard

“Do the Gumshoe” is a popular refrain in Phinney Ridge and Greenwood every August, as hundreds of gumshoers take to the streets to follow a list of clues and a chance to win prizes from neighborhood businesses during the annual Gumshoe 5K Walk.
Mike Veitenhans, otherwise known as “The Gumshoe Guy,” created the Gumshoe six years ago as a fundraiser for neighborhood nonprofits. The 2011 Gumshoe raised $4,800 for the Greenwood Senior Center, Greenwood Food Bank and Greenwood Elementary School PTA.
Now, Veitenhans would like to partner with a few nonprofits for a Ballard Gumshoe.
“I’m giving it away!” Veitenhans said of the Gumshoe name and know-how.
But, he’d like the Ballard Gumshoe to happen at a different time of year from the Phinney-Greenwood event, and he encourages people to do both Gumshoes.
Here’s how it works: People buy a Gumshoe entry form for $20. Then they follow the list of 30 clues throughout the neighborhood, finding interesting artwork in people’s yards, identifying neighborhood landmarks, and making new friends as they try to help people who are stumped. Then turn in the completed entry form and be entered to win prizes from local merchants.
Gumshoers hit the streets of Greenwood-Phinney last year.
Ideally, Veitenhans would like to work with three Ballard non-profits. If interested, email him at [email protected]