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Mail theft, suspicious cars stopping at mailboxes in Greenwood

We got a note from Dan, who tells us that suspicious cars have been seen stopping at mailboxes in Greenwood, and he’s found mail scattered around the neighborhood.

This morning I returned two sets of mail that were scattered in the neighborhood. One set of mail had the medical bills in them but the checks were gone. This was happening around Evanston to Greenwood Ave and 90th and the blocks around there.

He also says GAIN (Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors) North sent out a message on the same subject:

An SUV at 11 PM at 110th and Phinney was driving slowly and stopped at our mailbox stand which we can see across the street. We’ve never noticed this before, so my husband went out to investigate and saw that the car also stopped at other mailbox stands up the street.

Has anyone else seen this, and where?