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Gainsbourg closed for a few days after fire

Gainsbourg restaurant and bar at 8550 Greenwood Ave. N. was damaged in a fire Saturday afternoon and will be closed for several days for professional cleaning and damage repair.
From Owner JJ Wandler:

(W)e had a kitchen fire which has caused us to have to shut down for a few days while we have the restaurant professionally cleaned, replace some of our damaged kitchen equipment, and in the process, remodel our bar. We are happy that no one was injured in the fire as it happened before we were set to open on Saturday night. We are also pleased that there was no structural damage to our building. We are looking forward to reopening as soon as possible!

Wandler tells me that three employees were in the restaurant at the time. Gainsbourg hopes to reopen within 10 days. We will keep you posted.
Update 11:15 a.m.: Wandler just sent photos of the damage.

And a closeup of the stove: