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Phinney school bringing Thanksgiving to seniors and those in need

The 36 students at KapKa Cooperative School, a private elementary school near the Woodland Park Zoo, will shop for, prepare and then deliver more than 30 Thanksgiving meals to seniors and others in need in Phinney Ridge and Ballard this week.
The recipients of the meals live at the nearby Norse Home or were referred by the Ballard Food Bank.

The meal preparation is the major focus of the entire school for the preceding three weeks. The students plan cooking amounts, shop for the food, cook the food with parent volunteers at school, and box the meal the day before Thanksgiving. “It is real-life math and science with a compassionate purpose,” said 1st grade teacher, Richard Gawne. He took a group of students to shop at Greenwood Market where students were adding and multiplying for larger quantities and analyzing costs and savings. When the shopping and food preparation is done, the students then create over 60 personalized placemats and centerpieces to accompany each delivery.
On delivery day, the students will pack up the meals and share a simple soup lunch and songs before departing for deliveries. Upon delivering the meals, students talk with the recipients, sing songs, and present hand-made cards and decorations. This important tradition of school is now in its 20th year. “Children are naturals taking action and the Thanksgiving project shows how much they are capable of,” said the school’s Kindergarten teacher and founding parent, Susan Sasnett. Their action would not have been possible without the generous support from local businesses including Ballard & Greenwood Markets, Metropolitan Market, and Dish It Up.