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Cyclist ends 4,200-mile ride across America at Broadview-Thomson School

Chris Figureida rode his bicycle 4,200 miles from Maine to Seattle, speaking to thousands of students along the way about the benefits of eating healthy and exercising. He ended his journey on Monday afternoon at Broadview-Thomson School, just north of Greenwood.

Chris Figureida shows his cycling route on a map. Photos courtesy of the American Heart Association.
Figureida’s “Cycle For Heart” tour was in support of the American Heart Association and Rotary International. He met with 40,000 students across the U.S. About 200 of them were at Broadview-Thomson, where he told the students that his ride took 81 days, required him to eat 4,000 calories of food each day, and he drank only water (not sugary sodas).

Figureida encourages the students to flex their muscles.
His equipment included his bike, a tent, GPS, cell phone, iPad, and a solar charger for batteries. He bought all his food at stores along the way.
Next year, Figureida plans to bike from California to Mt. McKinley in Alaska and back, and speak to school children along the way about being healthy and active.