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Greenwood’s Rene Murry running for 46th District House seat

Rene Murry of Greenwood recently announced she is running for the 46th District House of Representatives. She is running for the seat currently held by David Frockt, who was selected by the 46th District Democrats to fill the State Senate seat previously held by the late Scott White. (The second 46th District House seat is currently held by Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney.)
The 46th District Democrats will hold a special caucus to fill the House position, most likely on Dec. 1.
Murry sent a letter to friends and neighbors last week announcing her decision. She is a co-organizer of GAIN (Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors), and a longtime precinct committee chair and political volunteer.
Here’s a portion of her letter:

My reason for running: CHILDREN
What’s happening in Olympia is not good enough – not for our public education, not for higher education, not for our social services and not for our health care. I have spent my life trying to hang on to the children most in need – and whether it be in times of strong economies or severe recession, times where the Democrats or Republicans were in charge, it has not mattered: the results have been woefully the same.
We have not kept the faith with the kids looking up to us for an education that will allow them to compete, have every chance for happiness, and become productive citizens. Our children’s education is not going to wait for the recession to end. The fourth grade or the eighth grade or the freshman year in college onlyhappen once in the life of our kids.
What’s happening to our own UW is a travesty. Have we not always believed education was the best equalizer – in fact, I believe I heard Scott White say that it was the only equalizer. The astronomical student tuition increases, the growing number of kids not being let in … what’s happening here?
Finally, dropping kids from the state’s basic health plan? No way! The choices we are making – or not making today – will cost us more in social problems and the quality of life we are building.

What makes me a good choice for you?
I’m a social worker, a mom to two daughters who share our values (no small effort), and a wife to a great UW medical researcher. I started my career in Children’s Welfare as a Children’s Protective Services worker in rural North Carolina. My history in Seattle began more than 20 years ago when I worked in therapeutic foster care at the YMCA Family Services and Mental Health Program. I have worked with the Children’s Alliance, the Foster Parent Association, the Washington State Association of Family Based Treatment and most recently the Children’s Welfare Advocacy Coalition.
One of the efforts of which I am most proud is being a co-organizer of GAIN – the Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors – a grassroots group of volunteers like me who developed a 70 square block network for crime prevention and neighborhood connections. We are making a difference through our very timely Yahoo website, quarterly meetings on issues of area concerns and by connecting with city officials and law enforcement around community needs. Crime in our network is down and connections between neighbors are up.