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West Woodland friends turn 11 on 11/11/11

By Mwiza Kalisa, Next Door Media Intern
If you think seven is a lucky number, think again. Sarah Jane Hayward is turning 11 years old on the 11th day, of the 11th month, of the 11th year.
Sarah Jane, a student at West Woodland Elementary school, is celebrating her birthday, and Veteran’s Day, at her grandparent’s house in Whidbey Island. Her plans for the day include eating crepes for breakfast and a trip to the bowling alley. With all the good fortune coming her way she also plans to purchase a lottery ticket.

“We’re going to buy a lottery ticket too, because this birthday is so special something lucky might happen,” she said.
Surprisingly another student at West Woodland Elementary not only shares a birthday with Sarah Jane, but is also turning 11. The two are good friends and first talked about celebrating this day when they were seven.

Sarah Jane, a gifted athlete, is on the school soccer team and is also involved in track and basketball. Her older sister, Maggie, says that she’s always keeping busy. When Sarah Jane isn’t playing sports she enjoys being creative.
“I like to build contraptions, usually out of tape and other mismatched things around the house, such as Q-tips and cardboard,” she said. “I also make potions out of things like glue, water food coloring and other things you could make a mess with. You might say I’m a mad scientist in the works.”
Annie Hayward, Sarah Jane’s mother, says that she appreciates her daughter’s openness and wishes her happiness in life.
“There’s something incredibly special about her and that’s why this birthday feels so momentous,” she said. “She’s always been sweet and easy.”
Hayward says the past eleven years with her daughter have been nothing but special. “She’s brought good friends into our lives and these eleven years have been really joyful,” she said. “Sarah Jane is a bright spirit, it’s hard not to be around her.”