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Reduce your garbage as part of Waste Management’s ‘Recycling Challenge’

Phinney Ridge and Greenwood are competing against other neighborhoods in Seattle to win $50,000 for a “Main Street Makeover” from Waste Management. The Think Green Recycling Challenge started in early October and runs through March. The goal is to increase recycling and composting and cut down on garbage disposal (as compared to last year’s data). Waste Management will post graphs of each neighborhood’s progress by the middle of November.

The neighborhood that reduces the most waste will win a $50,000 grant to spend on a community-wide project. Ideas for those projects could include bike racks, public recycling containers, hanging flower baskets and park benches.
Waste Management has partnered with a community organization in each neighborhood to get the word out and help the winning neighborhood decide on a project. In our case, it’s the Phinney Neighborhood Association.