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Tell the state’s Transportation Commission what priorities should be

Here’s your chance to make your voice heard on transportation issues in our region.

The Washington State Transportation Commission has created an online survey so people can tell local and state leaders what our transportation priorities should be. This is an opportunity for you to help shape the future of your local, regional, and statewide transportation system.
The survey asks what type of transportation is most important to you, how it should be paid for, how tolling revenue should be used, and similar questions.
Find the survey at https://www.voiceofwashingtonsurvey.org/. It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.
The Transportation Commission provides a public forum for transportation policy development. It reviews and assesses the entire transportation system and issues the state’s 20-year Transportation Plan. It also adopts tolls for state highways and bridges and fares for Washington State Ferries.
The survey is part of the Commission’s statewide outreach program; the Commission asked King County to help inform people about it. Findings will be reported to the Governor, Legislature, policy makers, and advisory groups such as the Connecting Washington Task Force.