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Homeowner confronts man who pulls backpack from his recycling bin

D sent us a note about an odd incident that happened near North 87th Street and Phinney Avenue North on Thursday:

Yesterday as I was bbq’ing out in the yard, what appeared to be a homeless man and woman, approached my property. As I asked what he was doing, he kept walking and went straight to my green recycle bin. And then he pulled a large backpack out of my recycle bin, and then walked away. He did get a little hostile when I kept asking him what he was doing, and told him I would call the police.
The man was about 5″10, medium to longer dark hair. Medium build, and I think he also had a moustache, but I can’t remember. The woman was about 5’5, maybe a little shorter, thin, darker weathered skin. Both were last seen walking south on 87th/Phinney.

D didn’t call the police at the time. Has anyone else experienced this?