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Sugar the Siamese cat is missing from Phinney Ridge

Update Sunday: Suge’s owner reports that she has been found, thanks to a PhinneyWood reader tip, more than 30 blocks north of her home, near North 105th Street  and Aurora Avenue North, in a parking lot with an injured leg.
Earlier: Yet another lost pet to tell you about. A 12-year-old female Siamese cat named “Suge” (short for Sugar) didn’t come home last night from her home near North 78th Street and Greenwood Avenue North.

 This photo was taken several years ago but she looks the same now as she did then– small/medium frame, white/gray coat, black paws, blue eyes, she is a very typical pure bred siamese, we hope she has not been stolen or injured.
We have been looking all day around the neighborhood and calling her and she still hasn’t shown up, which is not like her, because usually she’s a homebody and never goes far from home even when she’s outdoors…She has a bell with a collar that contains all of our information. She likes to be rubbed on her tummy.
You can reach us directly at 503-895-7225 or 541-603-1944.