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Orange and white cat found near Fremont Avenue and 91st

Elizabeth says an orange and white cat has been hanging around her house near Fremont Avenue North and North 91st Street.

The cat (I’m not sure enough about its sex to call it he or she) is a little skittish when first approached but has become very friendly with my boyfriend and me over the last several days and will even come into our house. It’s orange and white, without a collar and is pretty slim – I’ve seen the cat around our neighborhood for a while and thought it belonged to someone near us, but we put out some food for it the other day and it was so eager to eat and ate so much that I’m concerned that it might be stray or lost. I saw a sign posted recently looking for an orange and white cat near 85th, but that sign showed a cat with a collar so I’m not sure if it’s a match. If anyone knows something about this fellow, I’d love to host a reunion or at least get confirmation that the cat isn’t stray/lost/starving.

If you are, or know the owner of, this cat, please email Elizabeth.