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Zoo’s Fall ‘Fecal Fest’ starts tomorrow

Gardeners have been anxiously awaiting the time when they can send in their postcards for a chance to buy the much coveted “Zoo Doo” or “Bedspread” composts from the Woodland Park Zoo.

A steaming pile of Zoo Doo. Photo courtesy Woodland Park Zoo.
Well, the time is now. Send in a postcard from Sept. 1-23 to request your compost (you can request both Zoo Doo and Bedspread, but separate postcards are required and only one postcard per person is eligible for each drawing). Entry cards will be selected randomly for as many entrants possible. “Dr. Doo” will contact the lucky drawn entries only.
Send a standard postcard to Dr. Doo, Woodland Park Zoo, 601 N. 59th St., Seattle, WA 98103. Include the following information:
-Day and evening phone numbers
-Preference: Zoo Doo or Bedspread
-Amount of Zoo Doo or Bedspread you’d like to purchase (anything from a garbage bag to a full-size, pick-up truck load)
-Weekday or weekend preference for pick-up
Pick-up dates for Zoo Doo or Bedspread begin Oct. 1 and end on Oct. 17. Winners load their own compost, but Dr. Doo will provide shovels. Costs: pick-up truck 8×4 bed – $60; 6×4 bed – $45; 6×3 bed – $35. Limit one full truck per person. Garbage cans: $8 to $10 depending on size; bags $4 to $6 depending on size. Two-gallon and pint-sized buckets are available anytime at the ZooStores for $14.95 and $4.95, respectively.