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826 Seattle kicks off fundraising drive for healthy snacks for tutoring students

826 Seattle, the nonprofit writing and tutoring center hidden inside the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., is kicking off a fundraiser today to raise money to provide healthy snacks to students.
Once school starts, 826 Seattle provides one-on-one after-school tutoring to about 100 students per week, and they provide healthy snacks to those students to keep their minds and bodies fueled.
You can donate to 826 Seattle’s special snack drive here. You can give in any amount, of course, but the website shows certain levels, such as: $10 provides daily snacks for one student for two weeks; $18 provides snacks for all tutoring students for one day; $75 will pay for snacks for all students for one week; and $195 will provide snacks for one student for a full year.