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Diva Espresso wins Summer Streets Coffee Taste Off

Diva Espresso won the first-ever Coffee Taste Off at the PhinneyWood Summer Streets on Friday night.

Summer Streets attendees take a blind taste test of seven drip coffees from local coffee shops/roasters.
Coffee Taste Off organizer Mike Veitenhans says that 280 votes were cast.

Diva Espresso received the most votes and receives the PhinneyWood’s Best Drip Coffee award. (Per the agreement of all the coffee brewers who participated, no vote totals or runner-ups will be disclosed. The taste off was a friendly collaboration designed to promote PhinneyWood as a great place to caffeinate — and to give one of the participants bragging rights until the next competition!)

All 15 of the local coffee shops/roasters were invited to participate; seven did. For those of you who remember which numbered coffee was your favorite in the blind taste test and want to know which one it was, here are the corresponding numbers:

  • 1 – Makeda Coffee
  • 2 – Green Bean Coffee House
  • 3 – Mae’s Cafe Roasters
  • 4 – Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe
  • 5 – Zoka Coffee Roaster (Ken’s Market)
  • 6 – Diva Espresso
  • 7 – Starbucks

Veitenhans also tells us that one voter decided to try to figure out which coffee was which, and correctly identified five of the seven; only mistaking Zoka for Green Bean, and vice versa. Now that’s a person who knows their neighborhood coffee shops!