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Perfect weather for annual Night Out against crime

Tuesday night was absolutely gorgeous as neighbors all across the country came together to close off their streets and have block parties as part of the annual Night Out. The idea is to get to know your neighbors better to help combat crime.
About 30 people gathered in the 600 block of NW 73rd St. to celebrate with bubbles, chalk, a water table, and bikes and scooters for the kids.

The always popular Bubbleman entertained the kids at “Our Park” at 6th Avenue NW and NW 76th Street as part of the annual Greenwoodstock music fest.

The Phinney Neighborhood Association tells us that representives from 76 blocks picked up PNA membership materials and a free gallon of ice cream at Ken’s Market for their block parties.
Send us photos from your block party and we’ll add them to this post.