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Bluebird Microcreamery scooping ice cream in front of new store at 74th & Greenwood

Update Friday, July 22: We stopped by Bluebird’s ice cream cart on Thursday night to see Bluebird Owner Josh Reynolds serving ice cream to customers.

Reynolds said Bluebird will have its ice cream cart out every evening that’s nice, from around 5-9 p.m. Check out Bluebird’s Twitter or Facebook for daily updates on whether they’ll be there. Reynolds said he hopes to have the store open in about three weeks.
Earlier: Bluebird Microcreamery is opening an ice cream shop on the corner of North 74th Street and Greenwood Avenue North later this summer. In the meantime, they’ve been scooping up ice cream from their mobile cart the last several evenings.
And according to their Facebook and Twitter messages, they’re at their post again tonight.