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Local composer to combine original music, sunset at Carkeek Park

Local composer Nat Evans is presenting a unique musical event at Carkeek Park on July 30. Called “Sunset and Music,” participants are invited to download his music onto their iPods or other portable device beforehand, show up at the beach at Carkeek Park at 8:30 p.m., then everyone presses play at 8:37, which is 10 minutes before sunset. Then everyone observes the sunset and listens to the music together.

The music, a piece entitled Assemblage, is a mix of new and pre-existing compositions that have been arranged to best compliment the changing of light at the pivotal moment of Sunset, and will be available to download from the composer’s website (natevansmusic.com) a week before the event.
Seattle composer Nat Evans writes concert music for various mixed chamber ensembles as well as distinctive electro-acoustic music. His music is regularly performed across the United States and has been performed in Europe, South America, Australia and China.