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‘Heaven and Earth’ at Carkeek Park

The third annual art exhibit “Heaven and Earth,” a temporary art installation is now open at Carkeek Park.

From the Support Carkeek Park website:

As in previous years, “Heaven and Earth” focuses on our natural environment in a world of change. Participating artists present their interpretations of art and nature, leaving “no trace” following removal of their installation. The artwork is constructed of mostly natural materials and is designed to have minimal impact on the park. Installations will either decompose organically or will leave the park in the same state it was prior to installation.

The Center on Contemporary Art, the Carkeek Park Advisory Council and Seattle Parks and Recreation presents “Heaven and Earth 3: Cycles of Return,” which will be on display until October 9th.
According to the website, the walking tour of art takes about 90 minutes. “Some works can be seen in less time, including a variety visible from the access road,” the website states. Maps can be downloaded here. (Thank you, Dennis, from the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association for the tip!)