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Mina the cat is missing from Crown Hill

Update 7 p.m.: Mina has returned home safe and sound.
Stephanie tells us her cat Mina is missing from their home in Crown Hill.

My indoor cat is missing. We’ve combed through the whole house and have even used the bag of treats trick to get her out of when she is in curled up in a cubby to no avail. She seems to have made her way out of the house when I was out last night when the family was home. She’s always been an indoor cat and she is now 8 years old. She’s a smaller cat (around 8 or 9 pounds) and a bit nervous around people she does not know.
We live near 9th Ave NW and Holman. We have checked with the cat shelter and they don’t report any found cats near our location with her description.

If you’ve seen Mina, call Stephanie at 206-501-8256.