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Seattle Police North Precinct reports 85 residential burglaries in June

The Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct reports 85 residential burglaries from June 1-28. Crime Prevention Coordinator Terrie Johnston said 45 of those were non-forced entry, meaning a door or window were left unlocked, or the thief had a key.
With warmer weather during the summer, people are more likely to leave a window open, leading to the possibility of a thief or attacker gaining entry into the home. Johnston sent along these crime prevention tips:

Opened windows on the upper floors may be just the opportunity the would-be thief is seeking. Crooks used plastic lawn chairs, patio furniture, ice chest, garden pots and in one case a ladder to climb up onto the 2nd floor and came in through open windows. Pet doors were the method of entry in several of the burglaries, so be aware. Back doors were popular this month, so reconsider how easy it is for your watchful neighbors to see onto your back yards. The victims’ tools which were left out were used to pry open a rear basement door, and again on the door leading into the upstairs. Decorative rocks and bricks were thrown through back windows in a few of these crimes.

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