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Greenwood-Phinney Chamber launches ‘DoPhinneywood’ marketing website

Last weekend, the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce officially launched its new marketing website, called DoPhinneywood.com. The site’s motto is “Art Up and Chow Down in Phinney and Greenwood.”

The site has a slideshow of pictures from neighborhood businesses and icons, a map, a section for announcements, and lists neighborhood businesses in six categories: Arts & Culture; Eat & Drink; Health & Beauty; Retail Shops; Services: Community; and Services: Professional. Some businesses are listed in more than one category.
Each business’s name links to a new page with the business’s address, phone, website, map, and a more detailed description of the business.
If you want to join the Chamber, or renew your membership, information on pricing is here. And you can sign up here.
Note: The Chamber asked for permission to use the Phinneywood moniker (but with a small “w,” unlike the capital “W” in PhinneyWood’s name) because they felt it had become a good brand name for the combined neighborhoods of Phinney Ridge and Greenwood. PhinneyWood is a member of the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce.