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Dog dies in Greenwood house fire

A black lab died in a house fire at 209 N. 90th St. in Greenwood tonight. The first call came in to the fire department at 6:32 p.m. The occupant of the rental house was not home at the time, and as of 8 p.m., no one had been able to contact him yet. However, the owner of the home had been contacted.

Fire investigators determined that the accidental fire started in the dryer near the back door. Batallion Chief R. R. Mondragon said it looked like the fire had been smoldering for some time, and that the dog had been dead for a while.

Capt. R. Shakoor-Asadi of Fire Station 21 looks at the burned dryer where the fire started.
Capt. R. Shakoor-Asadi of Fire Station 21 said it was a young boy living nearby who first smelled smoke and called 911.